The 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree will promote Korean culture.

Numerous activities have been planned as part of the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree to introduce and celebrate Korean culture. The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism is concentrating on bringing everyone together through K-Culture by running a Korean Pavilion and presenting unique K-Pop performances, which has over 43,000 scouts from 158 nations.


The Korean Pavilion – A Hub for Cultural Exploration

A place to Immerse in Korean Traditions

For jamboree participants and guests to experience the lively atmosphere of the event, the Ministry has set up the Korean Pavilion in the Delta Zone. The pavilion, open from August 1–12, 9 AM–6 PM, is intended to provide a whole experience, including traditional Korean attire and language.


Digital Experiments using K-Culture Material

A Korean Language and Culture Experience Center is also run by the Sejong Institute Foundation, where visitors can immerse themselves in K-Culture materials via mobile apps and virtual reality technology. There are numerous activities available, including making Hangul fans and playing traditional Korean games.


Promotion of K-Tourism and Traditional Arts

Traditional dress and entertainment

A traditional Hanbok experience center is run by the Korea Craft & Design Foundation and the Korean Traditional Culture Center, allowing guests to dress in the clothing and make special memories.

Increasing Interest in K-Tourism Worldwide

The Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) is in charge of running the Korean Tourism Promotion Center, which features a variety of activities and hosts the “Slow Mailbox” event where guests can send postcards to be delivered a year from now. ‘1330 Tourism Interpretation Service’ and a sizable coloring wall will further enhance the attraction.


The Grand K-Pop Super Live

Debuting a Magnificent Concert The K-Pop Super Live, the day’s highlight for cultural exchange, will take place on August 6 at 8:00 PM at the Saemangeum Jamboree stadium. 11 well-known K-Pop artist teams will perform as part of the celebration and promotion of the “2023-2024 Visit Korea Year.” At 9:40 PM, KBS 1TV will air a broadcast of the event.


Integrated Support for K-Culture Investigation Many Different Cultural Experiences

Beyond these particular activities, people can take part in a variety of outdoor K-Culture-related activities. Numerous cultural institutions are promoting the investigation of Korean heritage through exhibitions and K-Culture events.

Motivating Statements from the Minister

Minister Park Bo-kyun expressed his delight at the way K-Culture, which is well-liked throughout the world, has begun to operate elegantly and dynamically at the Saemangeum Jamboree, in keeping with the theme of “Unfold Your Dream.”


Conclusion – A Unifying K-Culture Experience

The Saemangeum Jamboree is a bright display of Korean culture in addition to being a meeting of varied minds. The event delivers a unified journey into the heart of Korea, encompassing everything from language to dress, live performances to virtual experiences. The future generation is probably going to remember this experience forever.

At the 2023 Saemangeum Jamboree, K-Culture will be celebrated through immersive experiences, K-Pop shows, traditional arts, and more. Participate in the world culture festival!

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