Weddint 1 – Finding a Partner

The traditions of Korean marriage are the result of the fusion of numerous traditions.

Let’s begin our investigation of marriage by taking a look at how Koreans select their wives.

While it makes sense to wed the person you adore, if you’ve reached marriageable age and still haven’t discovered your soul mate, you should consider “seon.”



Almost all weddings in the past were arranged by matchmakers, and half of marriages today are still arranged by matchmakers.

Matchmakers put a lot of effort into locating candidates who satisfy the needs of both parties.

Some of the most crucial factors to take into account when choosing a partner are age, education, and family history.



People also consider “Kunghap,” which is when they consult a fortune teller for guidance in order to determine how compatible the couple will be. Many people still hold the traditional belief that Kunghap foretells the future marriage life of the prospective couple.

Almost all couples used to have their Kunghap before being married, and many couples still follow this custom in the late 20th century. The couple is considered to be “in the zone” when everything is working as it should.

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