Wedding 3 Ham

Let’s discuss a very unique Korean marriage custom called ham. Ham is a wooden box full of expensive gifts given go the bride from the groom before the wedding ceremony. Especially bolts of red and blue silk as bridal gift in ham are called yetan. Ham is delivered by the friends of the groom to the bride on a planned date, usually on the ene of the wedding day.



The actions of groom’s friends while delivering ham are worth watching. For example, from the end of the bride’s block to the front door of the bride’s house, they will shout : “Ham for sale !” One fiend will play the role of the horse carrying ham on his back, while another will play the master who directs the movement of the horse. of great interest is that the horse player must paint his face with charcoal.

On approaching the bride’s house, the horse annonces he is so tired that he has to sit down and master starts to negotiate with the bride’s family. offering money and food for the ham. If the leader is satisfied with the amount of money and quality of food that he is offered, he directs the horse to move one step forward. He continues this lengthy ritual until they are in the house.



The bride’s family, in order to receive the ham, will do just about anything to get the horse inside the house.
As ham is delivered, the bride’s family and the groom’s friedns exchange stories. The stories are mainly about the bride’s and the groom’s childhoods. This usually brings out greate laughter. After hearing all the noise and laughter, people around the neighborhood will definitely know that there is going to be a wedding the next day.

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